Hidy ho, this is mine and the “Moles” very own corner of the inter web, and yep this may well just turn out to be another waste of otherwise useful bandwidth on the increasingly congested information super highway but hay ho off we go…

WARNING: if you’re a spelling fanatic, grammar grinch or apostrophe fiend, for the sake of your sanity look away now! 😉

Right, welcome to eXm360° I’m Paul and this is my four legged friendly the “Mole” and we’re just a couple of Exmoor Hobos who spend a lot of time on walkabout in the Exmoor  “never, never” and up on the beautiful Quantock Hills when a change of scenery is desired.

Our favourite stomping ground is right on our doorstep and is Somerset and Exmoor’s very own big lump of rock on the coast, North Hill; a wonderful part of Exmoor National Park that runs from high above Porlock Bay to Minehead sea front along the Bristol Channel or the “Severn Sea” if you prefer. So it’s the Hills, Coast and Moor of West Somerset and North Devon that we’re lucky to explore with my camera and drone.

Paul & The Exmoor "Mole"
Paul & The Exmoor “Mole”

I’ve recently retired from work after being diagnosed with Syringomyelia and have had an operation on my brain and spinal canal to rectify a Chiari Type 1 malformation of the Cerebellum, a contributing factor to the Syrinx on my Spinal Cord. I’m currently on the long road to recovery with the prospect of possible future surgeries if required on my spinal cord but at the moment life is good and I’m out and about again with the Mole and considering future possible career prospects. I’m far to young to call it a day and fancy doing something a tad more creative.

Before this very unexpected turn of life events, to live, fly and dabble in photography we needed to earn a crust so during the day we went off to sweep chimneys,  I was a  “vertical soot miner and chimney fettler” by trade or in more traditional, common parlance a “chimney sweep”.  I’ll settle for chimney sweep and I’m very proud of it. The Mole obligingly accompanied me on occasion for a modest fee, that is a share of my lunch and two long walks of his choosing a day. His terms were quite rightly, non negotiable.

Me and the Mole.
The Chimney Sweep & the “Mole”… Saunton Sands

The vast majority of my photographs, videos, time lapses and Cinemagraphs are captured with our feet firmly planted on terra firma with a Panasonic (Micro Four Thirds) Lumix GH5 for photos and video and a GX9 for snaps when out and about; I’ve also recently started playing with an Insta 360º camera.  Some of my images however are from above with my UAV/RPAS or “Drone” as they are known, I love aerial photography and and find it fascinating.

I unapologetically post process my images and videos and use Snapseed, Mextures, Luma Fussion & Flixels Cinemagraph Pro on the iPadPro when both out and about for a stroll and when back at base camp. In essence I’m into mobile editing.

The Exmoor Shoodle Mole
T.H.E “Mole” Esq…

For my aerial photographs and videos my current aerial platforms of choice are the DJI Mavic Pro 1 and the teeny weeny DJI Spark drone both of which can both capture video and pictures. For what I require in terms of drone aerial landscape photography they are the mutt’s doodahs.

My interest and fascination in aerial views and later aerial landscape photography started I guess as a small child when flying for the first time on a Royal Airforce passenger plan to Malta where we were to live for a few years and looking out of the aircraft’s window at the mesmerising views below. As Leonardo da Vinci mused, “for once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return“.  Well we can now at least put our cameras in the air and remain planted on terra firma and whats more I can take the photographs I’ve been longing to.

Right, this is the boring and sadly necessary legal bit concerning my use of UAV’s/Drones… I’m strictly an amateur & operate my Drone/UAV/RPAS non commercially, it’s my hobby; I don’t work for hire or sell my aerial images or videos, so if your a self appointed member of the drone police out to cause mischief…sod off 😉

However, I do enjoy collaborating on projects with other local amateur photographers and videographers so if you’ve an interesting project in mind, get in touch.

And another however…I have completed and passed the EuroUSC BNUC-s ground school examination which I took to educate myself and am very happy at the moment to keep my flying as a hobby…I’ve always believed that if you want to ruin a perfectly enjoyable pastime or interest, turn it into a business and do it as your daily job. Far too many acronyms for my liking as well.

I do, I can assure you always fly safely and within current CAA guidelines, the Drone Code and any new regulations from those policing the skies above us.

Right, time to get out for a stroll and enjoy everything for the love of the journey above the destination.


Paul & T.H.E Mole Esq…

Me & Mole…Exmoor