Wayhay Plotagraphs!

Now as with Cinemagraphs I’ll happily concede Plotagraphs are not to everyones taste but as ever I love revisiting & reediting my older still images and the end result can be, well…very pleasing.

So what is a Plotagraph?

A Plotagraph is a still image that includes some animated movement, often very subtle and often not; but when looped seamlessly in video makes a previously still image come alive. The end result often takes me back to experiencing the environment around me during the original still image capture.

The iOS App I use is called Plotagraph + & it works beautifully on my iPad Pro so i can keep to my modus operandi of mobile editing…I find it so much more liberating than being shackled to desk top computer.

Right fingers crossed for the moody monochrome example below…just press play.